Prometheus Capital Partners is a Moscow-based private equity fund investing both its own and third-party capital in Russian and the CIS companies:

  1. Focused on control investments in the mid-market primarily within the services and consumer sectors
  2. Extensive networks and investment expertise in the region employing an international best-practice approach
  3. Investor of choice for owner-entrepreneurs seeking capital – Prometheus Capital Partners brings Western-standard strategic planning, operational improvement and managerial mentoring capabilities, while being independent of the Russian oligarch Financial Industrial Group
  4. 32.1x MoC achieved through seven realized deals can be attributed to the Team from their previous positions at various organizations

The group is led by Levan Vasadze, a highly experienced executive with a long history of creating 50+% returns on capital in Russia and the CIS. Earlier, as First Vice President of the conglomerate Sistema Corporation, Levan was in charge of corporate strategy and development, led the sourcing, review and execution of new acquisitions, and served on the boards of numerous subsidiary companies.

During his tenure, Levan Vasadze oversaw no less than five successful IPOs of various businesses, including the 2005 London Stock Exchange IPO of Sistema itself - the largest ever Russian IPO at the time.

Over the six years that Levan was Chairman and later CEO of Sistema's insurance subsidiary, ROSNO, the company's value grew from $45 m to $1.5 billion (72% IRR) based on arms-length transactions with Allianz AG.